Canine Custodians
When you're too Pooped too Scoop


What is "Canine Custodians"

Canine Custodians is a friendly & affordable pet waste cleanup service available to people living in Southern NH and Northern MA. Pet waste is unattractive, unpleasant and even hazardous - Why not let us clean it up so you don't have to?

Canine Custodians is a locally owned, serviced based business that specializes in the removal of dog waste from residential properties. We provide the most affordable, reliable, and caring service in the area. By providing regular cleanups, we can help you insure that your family and pets always have a clean and healthy environment. Our objective is to provide each of our customers with efficient, thorough, and reliable service while maintaining the highest possible standards of cleanliness and courtesy. I am dedicated to making life easier and safer for both the owners and the pets.

Why We Do It:

There is no question that people love their pets but there is one chore that even the most caring and dedicated pet owners at times wish they could avoid. As a dog owner you know that regular cleanup of dog waste is absolutely necessary because it is hazardous, offensive, and obnoxious. Most importantly, over time the waste becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which may be harmful to children and other pets. If it is not disposed of in a regular manner it can eventually sterilize and kill your lawn. I began this service because, as a dog owner myself, most of us don't have the time, the ability, or the desire to do this unwelcome but necessary task.

Note - Aggressive or Guard Dogs MUST be constrained or confined during cleanings..